I work, so I do not have to work

Live to work or work to live? You have heard that slogan, didn’t you? Yeah, me too. All my life, I thought I want a kick-ass career, growth, money, perhaps some power? I still remember one of the first classes as a freshman in high school. Thirty of us at the age of 15, or somewhere around that, in a circle. We were sharing dreams for when we grow up. Some of us wanted a wife, pretty, of course (she is not), and a family. I wanted a career and adventure.

Today, I am comfortable in my sweats. I have Christian Louboutin (Pigalle!!!) shoes in the closet, never worn + boxes of unpacked clothes. I can not remember if today is Wednesday or Thursday, cuz every day is the same. I hardly wake up at 5 am trying to find some leftover motivation and excitement for a day that likely will be worth big nothing.

I didn’t go far in the corporate world, but I am comfortable. It is certainly nice to see a portfolio grow after a day of green. One thing I learned last year is that I work, so I do not have to work. Because in the end, the only things that matter are real experiences. The highlight of my day today was two videos I found from our trip to Thailand last year .. and a glass of vino. Its Thursday after all..

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