Fortuna audaces iuvat

Latin proverb

I work, so I do not have to work

Live to work or work to live? You have heard that slogan, didn’t you? Yeah, me too. All my life, I thought I want a kick-ass career, growth, money, perhaps some power? I still remember one of the first classes as a freshman in high school. Thirty of us at the age of 15, or … Continue reading

Beginning of Seattle Journey

Our Seattle journey was nothing like planned. Back in March 2020, we were full of hopes and excitement, but reality brought us to the earth very quickly (story shortened here for correctness)*. We soon started seeing the massive impact of the stress* and lockdowns on our relationship and mental health. For the first time in … Continue reading

New Beginnings

I am not a good writer, and I have zero aspirations to be a good one. But something is soothing and helpful in the act of organizing messy thoughts into sentences and paragraphs. It helps to stop for a second and forces reflection. And this is what I need as I am going through this … Continue reading